Two-day conference in Amed on Kurdish language and culture

The second day of the 'Language and Culture Network' conference opened in Amed today.

Writers, intellectuals, artists and politicians, including Kurdish Pen co-chair Sami Tan, HDP Amed MP Imam Taşçıer, MED-DER co-chair Mine Karakaş, authors Selim Temo, Renas Jiyan and Roza Metina, joined the two-day 'Language and Culture Network' conference in Sur, Amed.

Düzgün: Culture and language cannot be lost...

Cevahir Sadak Düzgün, President of the Children First Association, made the opening speech on Saturday. He reminded that a first meeting on language and culture was held on 31 August and 1 September and that this second meeting was a practical step.

Düzgün said that there is a lot of work to do to ensure Kurdish culture and language are not lost.

Tan: We want to create a Kurdish language map

Co-chair of Kurdish Pen, Sami Tan, said that there is the project to to carry out a comprehensive discussion on Kurdish language and culture which will culminate in the drawing of a map about Kurdish language.

Tan emphasized that they invited different thinkers to the meeting because they attached importance to different thoughts and opinions and added that the discussion would contribute to the enrichment of Kurdish language and culture.