Feature film "Zer" by Kazim Öz freely accessible on the Internet

The feature film "Zer" by Kazim Öz is freely accessible on the Internet in 15 languages. The film accompanies the search for traces of Jan, who grew up in New York and is moved by the song his Kurdish grandmother sings to him on her deathbed.

Kurdish filmmaker Kazim Öz has made his feature film "Zer", completed in 2017, freely available on the Internet. Like many other artists, the 47-year-old director from Dersim is reacting to the Coronavirus pandemic, which no longer allows public screenings and forces many people into a domestic situation. The multilingual film is available on Vimeo with German, English, Turkish and Kurdish subtitles.

To watch the film, interested people would have to log in to Vimeo via Gmail or Facebook. A click on the option leads to the free film, which is unlocked with the password "corona".

The feature film Zer tells the story of Jan (played by Nik Xhelilaj), a musician who grew up in New York and who gets closer to his grandmother Zarife when she is brought to the US for treatment of her cancer. She sings him a song that makes Jan decide to go on a journey to Dersim to find his own roots and to trace a suppressed social trauma.

At the Burgas International Film Festival in 2018, the film won the Grand Audience Award. The year before, Zer had won the audience award at the 66th Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival.