YJA Star: With the Newroz spirit we will achieve great victories

In a Newroz message, the YJA Star stated: "Newroz stands for a free and communal life. It is the sun turning its face to humanity. It is messenger of spring."

The General Command of the YJA Star (Yekîtîya Jinên Azad, Free Women’s Troops) has published a Newroz message, saying; "The Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK (Partîya Karkerên Kurdistan) is a party of Newroz that has given a great meaning to the values of freedom that the peoples of the Middle East gained by resisting and fighting against the systems of slavery.”

The message of YJA Star is as follows;

"We wish a happy Newroz to our Leader, who dedicated to us the PKK, which became the germ and flourished in every earth and became a song sung all over the world, to our people, through whom the spirit of Newroz rose, to all humanity that fights for a free and democratic life and to our comrades, who are fighting for freedom. We remember with respect and gratitude our great martyrs Mazlum Dogan, Zekiye Alkan, Rahşan, Ronahî, Bêrîvan and Sema, who have expressed the reality of life with their relentless resistance.

Newroz stands for a free, communal and fair life. It is the sun turning its face to humanity, and messenger of spring. Just like Kawa the Blacksmith fought against tyrant Dehak and promised freedom to the peoples, the Kurdistan Workers' Party against cruelty has expanded the fire of resurrection into a fire of liberation.

Today, Newroz days are taking place in Kurdistan and the Middle East. Just as the peoples in the past resisted the tyrant's power, as Dehak once was, to defend their identity and their will and not submit, humanity is still under an ever-growing attack today. But Kurdistan and the Middle East are also home to people who oppose slavery and oppression, like Kawa the Blacksmith. Today, women, young people and all the peoples who hope for a free life in the Kurdish revolution turn to Afrin, the fortress of resistance.

Erdoğan, the modern-day Dehak who feeds on fascism, is carrying out all sorts of inhuman crimes against the people of Afrin. The fruits of the 20-year heritage of Leader Apo appear today in the resistance of Afrin. The people of Afrin, with their struggle to defend their land and their values, have become a symbol of humanity. Despite oppression and exploitation, aerial and ground attacks, our people and guerrillas are campaigning for our national identity and thwarting Erdoğan and his gangs. From Delal, Azê, Berçem, Gülnaz to Avesta Xabûr, Barîn Kobanê, Îlan and Polat and all of Mazlum Doğan's other successors, the contemporary Kawa, the ignited Newroz fire grows and continues to influence thousands of people.

As YJA Star, our most significant answer to Newroz will be to further develop and consolidate our defense system based on the line of resistance. Each YJA star fighter will equip herself with the vigor and awareness of Newroz and further strengthen our spring offensive. We will receive each day of the year 2018 in the spirit of Newroz and meet the requirements.

In this spirit, we call upon all women, young people, our people and all those who are committed to the dignity of humanity to organize and mount self-defense against the contemporary tyrants. With the spirit of Newroz we will achieve great victories in 2018."