YJA Star guerrillas celebrate March 8

YJA Star guerrillas celebrated March 8 and saluted Leyla Guven. Zozan Cewlik spoke in the celebration and said, “We will play an important role in the war of the age. We will lead with Zozan’s line, and end the isolation and hegemonic mindset."

YJA Star guerrillas celebrated March 8 World Working Women’s Day in the Medya Defense Zones.

Central Headquarters Commander Zozan Cewlik, Military Council Member Serda Mazlum Gabar, YJA Star Commanders Peyman Bagok and Amara Gulistan and dozens of YJA Star guerrillas attended the celebration.


Cewlik gave a speech in the celebration and said, “This spring is the spring of resistance led by Leyla Guven.” Cewlik continued:

“As all YJA Star forces, we send our love and loyalty to Leader Apo from the Kurdistan mountains to Imrali.

We celebrate March 8 for Leader Apo and all who resist in Maxmur, Hewler, Europe and throughout the world led by comrade Leyla Guven. As YJA Star guerrillas, we salute those who resist and say we will defend them to the end.

As you all know, in 40 years many of our leading comrades and the women’s struggle for freedom left us a great legacy. In the persons of Sara, Sema Yuce, Arin, Delal and Armanc, in the person of comrades who led the great transformation in men and wanted to form a correct comradery relationship with women Fikri Baygeldi, Zinar and Atakan, we salute all martyrs of the struggle for freedom. In the person of all mothers of martyrs, we celebrate March 8 World Working Women’s Day for all women.

In the person of our comrades, we celebrate March 8 for all female comrades in the mountains of Kurdistan who greet the day with the same spirit and emotion, although we are physically separated. In this framework, we salute the female guerrillas of Northern Kurdistan, comrades in the Medya Defense Zones and YPJ, YJS and HPJ fighters. We wish them success.”


Cewlik said, “We greet March 8, 2019 under extraordinary circumstances,” and continued:

“But at the same time, we greet women’s resistance led by Leyla Guven in the mountains, in the streets, in all cities and in all the plains, with a new spring and a new process. Male exploitation of women has been imposed upon the society for 5 thousand years. This system has offered nothing but genocide and slavery to women, and to society in general. We as women stand against this everywhere, and we raise the resistance.

We believe this spring will be different from all past springs. The resistance that emerged in the 21st century, under the lead of Leyla Guven, is the line of Sara, Zilan and Beritan. It is the line of freedom and resistance. Fascism led by Erdogan and Bahceli will be torn down by women’s resistance. An equal and free life will be built for women and for society at large.


We as the Leader, the people, all peoples and YJA Star are all going through an extraordinary process. We all know 2019 won’t be easy. We see that the resistance emerging under the lead of women has come with the spirit and courage of the free woman. We as the YJA Star will resist until the end to lead it and be worthy of it. We will give the necessary response.


In this framework, we will fulfill our duty in ensuring Leader Apo’s freedom, ending the isolation and for women’s and peoples’ freedom. We as the YJA Star will play an important role in the war of the age in the modern guerrilla. We will lead with Zozan’s line, and end the isolation and hegemonic mindset. We face 2019 with this claim, determination and morale. We believe resistance will bring freedom. Women’s resistance will change the system. We celebrate March 8 for all comrades and all women.”

Cewlik concluded with, “We say long live the spirit of March 8, long live women’s unity. Long live the resistance of women and all peoples. Long live the fight for free women. Long live the PAJK and the PKK. Long live Leader Apo.”