YJA-Star guerrillas and Makhmur residents celebrate March 8

International Women's Day, March 8 has been welcomed in Makhmur Martyr Rüstem Refugee Camp with broad participation and great joy.

As Kurdish women are taking to the streets in Turkey, Kurdistan and Europe to welcome International Working Women's Day, guerrillas and locals also gathered for an event to mark March 8 in Makhmur.

The event organised by YJA-Star (Free Women's Troops) guerrillas began with a military ceremony of guerrillas following a march.

Speaking during the event, Makhmur-Kirkuk YJA-Star Commander Raperin Gabar congratulated March 8 for guerrillas and all women, saying the followings;

"All women should fight against the 5 thousand year old male-dominant mentality, organise themselves and raise their struggle in all areas in order to end the exploitation of women.

Today, a freedom struggle is being waged under the leadership of Kurdish women and in the light of Leader Apo's philosophy. In Rojava, Shengal, Bakur and many other areas across Kurdistan, Kurdish women are giving a freedom struggle in the front lines against fascism and barbarians. Shouldering the heaviest burden of our revolution, our mothers are taking up arms in Shengal and Rojava and fighting against ISIS and treachery. On this occasion, I state once again that no one will ever be able to break the will of Kurdish women."

The event continued with the performance of music bands of guerrillas to the accompaniment of Kurdish traditional dance halay.