YJA Star guerrillas: 2020 will be the year of freedom

Guerrilla fighters of the YJA star declare 2020 the "year of victory" and call on the people to trust in their own strength.

Guerrilla fighters of the women's troops YJA-Star spoke to ANF about their perspectives for the new year. The fighters announced a new guerrilla offensive for the year 2020.

"2020 will be the phase of a new offensive for the guerrillas"

Guerrilla fighter Rûken Koçer explains: "The year 2019 was a hard year for our people in all four parts of Kurdistan. The attacks of Turkish fascism were very fierce, and there was outstanding resistance to them everywhere. It was a year in which the fascist Turkish state had declared: 'In 2019 we will finish the guerrilla off, they won't be able to prepare for the winter'. In Southern and Northern Kurdistan as well as in Rojava, a comprehensive war of annihilation took place. As the Turkish state did not achieve any result despite all its technical possibilities, it tried to break the belief of the people in the resistance through psychological warfare. But the PKK was not defeated and it will not be defeated. You will see, we are entering the year 2020 strengthened. As the guerrilla, we will start a new phase of the offensive in 2020. We will make the whole repression of the Turkish state against the people fail and continue with the struggle. We know very well that the Turkish state aims to annihilate the Kurdish people and carry out massacres also in 2020. We will wage a strong guerrilla war against these attacks.

"We can succeed by our own strength"

We call on the people to be aware of the reality of the enemy, not to let themselves be made the tool of psychological warfare and not to believe it. They should build their own units and strengthen themselves. Only through our own strength and our Leader Abdullah Öcalan Kurdistan will be liberated and we can give our children a free future. In the recent past, thousands of Kurdish young people have been killed in Rojava and Northern Kurdistan by the attacks of the fascist regime. We can demand bring the murderous mentality of the regime to account through a free future. In order to realize this, we, as women guerrilla fighters, will continue on the path enlightened by the ideology and philosophy of Leader Apo."

"The people must not believe the special war propaganda"

YJA star guerrilla fighter Sorxwin Baran says: "2020 will be the year of Leader Apo's freedom. At all times this has been our goal. With this in mind, we have prepared for the year 2020 in a restructuring project. We have further professionalized ourselves with the thirst for revenge for the murdered people and for Kurdish children, and are entering the new year stronger than ever. It has become clear in recent years that the enemy does not have the strength to fight us. It bases its entire existence on technology, on unmanned and armed drones and fighter jets. It has become clear to friend and foe that in no year has it been possible to defeat the guerrillas of Kurdistan. Therefore the fascists in their media simply claim that they defeated us. So they make a psychological war against our people, to ultimately break their resistance. As freedom fighters of this people we say: don`t believe this special war propaganda. We have always been there and we will always be there. We will continue our struggle until the liberation of Leader Apo and Kurdistan. We wish again a happy new year to our patriotic people and Leader Apo and we declare that the new year will be a year of struggle and victory."

"We'll make 2020 the year of victory"

YJA Star guerrilla fighter Mizgin Dilbirin explains: "2019 was a year of resistance. 2020 will be the year in which victory will emerge from resistance. It will be a year in which Leader Apo will gain free working conditions. We as guerrillas are preparing for 2020 in this way. We will strengthen our resistance and crown it with victory. We will fight to avenge our murdered children and people. We will strengthen and educate ourselves on this basis as we prepare for the New Year."