YJŞ: It is a must to enhance the resistance and self-defense against male hegemony

YJŞ expressed its support for the KJK campaign in solidarity with Yazidi and Afghan women, vowing to increase their struggle and strengthen their organization to the very end.

The Kurdistan Women's Community (KJK) launched a campaign to draw attention to the struggles of women in Shengal and Afghanistan. Between 3 August, the anniversary of the Islamic State attack on the Yazidi area of Shengal in South Kurdistan in 2014, and 15 August, the day the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in 2021, the fate and struggles of women will be discussed. The campaign was launched under the motto "We Stand with Afghan and Shengal women against the attacks of male hegemony".

A number of women’s organizations have expressed their support for the campaign so far.

The Shengal Women’s Units (YBŞ) released a statement endorsing the KJK campaign, which includes the following:

“As the women of Shengal and the YJŞ that undertook the mission of defending these lands, we express our support for the KJK campaign. We, Yazidi women, were subjected to heinous attacks on 3 August which sought to perpetrate a genocide against a community, a belief and women. Two years ago, at around the same time, the Afghan people and women in particular experienced an onslaught of mass killing, torture, harassment and rape. These attacks still continue today. Both of the attacks in Shengal and Afghanistan were carried out by ‘radical fanatics’. Women were murdered by ISIS in Shengal, and by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Afghan women are believed to have been deprived of their liberty after the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan. Afghan women would not end up like this if the US had promised them freedom. The US entered these lands for the sake of its own interests and just left when its interests were exhausted. The solution does not lie in the return of the US or in the intervention of other countries in Afghanistan, but in the organization of women and society. For instance, we Yazidi women woke up thanks to the comrades of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan), the guerrillas of HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA-Star (Free Women’s Troops). With the experience we gained from them, we organized ourselves and developed our defense.

Just like sovereign states support each other, commit crimes in complicity and make secret plans, we, women in the first place, and societies should also support one another.

We should know that any attack directed against any circle today could be directed against us tomorrow. Resisting male hegemony is the most sacred truth.

Afghan women have been resisting since the Taliban’s takeover of power. Yet, this is not enough. It is a must for resistance to be increased and self-defense to be enhanced.

The campaign launched by the KJK is of great importance to us. YJŞ follows the path of martyrs and increases its resistance with this legacy. As Yazidi women, we state once again that we will increase our struggle and strengthen our organization to the very end.”