Yazidi women freed from ISIS handed over to Shengal Assembly

More Yazidis rescued from ISIS gangs by the SDF have been reunited with their families.

Five women and a 13-year-old child , who were rescued by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from ISIS during the war against the terrorist organization in northern Syria, are on their way home.

Heseke Yazidi House handed over the Yazidi women, Serab Nayîf Îsa, Leyla Xelef Filîd, Ezîze Şemo Xelef, Hediyê Elî Hecî and Qismet Salih Mihemed, and 13-year-old Qasim Evdo, to Shengal Assembly and Yazidi Women’s Foundation.

Cizire Region Yazidi House administrator Mehmud Resho and Yazidi Women’s Foundation Deputy Chairperson Riham Hesen thanked those who have freed the women and children and enabled them to reunite with their families.

Heseke Canton Assembly Co-president Ebdilxenî Oso stressed that their efforts will continue untill all Yazidis are freed.