KJAR: Iran intimidates society by executing women

Member of KJAR Coordination Ciwana Sine said: "Iran wants to intimidate the society by executing women."

Ciwana Sine, a member of the Eastern Kurdistan Women's Community (KJAR) Coordination, spoke to ANF about Iran's execution policy towards women.

Stressing that all social problems in Iran stem from the nation-state system, Sine said: "To maintain the ruling system, the Iranian society is expected to remain weak, so women and youth are targeted."

Stating that there is an increase in the number of women and young people killed in periods when the system is blocked in Iran, Sine continued: “Moreover, women suicides increase in such periods. Because men impose themselves on women as representatives of the state at home. The pressure is maintained in the same way at home by the men."

Drawing attention to the expectation of change in Iran with Biden becoming the new president of the United States, Sine said: “In our opinion, it is a meaningless expectation. Because as the presidential elections approach in Iran, the number of people detained increases. More than 140 people have been detained in recent days. In connection with this, there is a noticeable increase in the number of women both committed suicide and executed."

Women targeted in Kurdistan and Baluchistan regions

Stating that especially women were executed in Eastern Kurdistan and Baluchistan regions, Ciwana Sine also made evaluations about the increase in pressure in Iran. Sine pointed out that allegations were made that the opponents would revolt during the anniversary of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, which was celebrated recently. “One of the reasons for the increase in executions is to create an atmosphere of fear and prevent the revolt of the people. This is the special war tactics of the Iranian regime", she said.

Stating that 11 women were executed in the last three months, Sine said: "In the Middle Ages, women were burned with the claim that they were witches, and now women are executed in a similar way in Iran. Let me give you a striking example; A woman named Zehra Ismaili was sentenced to death 16 times on the accusation of killing her husband. Zehra died of a heart attack on the day of her execution which was carried out on her death body. Zehra's husband was an intelligence officer, systematically torturing her and her daughter."

Ciwana Sine stated that the society is actually executed in the person of women. “The society is intimidated by the execution of women. That is why women should take to the streets for Zehra Ismaili and condemn this policy of the Iranian regime on 8 March, International Women's Day”. Stating that women in Iran have never submitted to the regime and that they constantly rebel against the politics of execution and murder, Sine finally made the following call to Iranian women: "It is time for women to rise again, we can stop the execution of women only by doing so."