Women visit the grave of Mother Taybet

Taybet Inan was killed by Turkish security forces in Silopi in 2015, and her body was left on the street for seven days.

On December 14, 2015, a curfew was declared in Silopi district in the Northern Kurdistan province of Şırnak. Taybet Inan, 57, was shot dead on the fifth day of the ban. Her body was left to rot on the street for seven days and could not be recovered due to the siege by Turkish forces that prevented rescue workers from reaching the spot. Relatives and local residents were shot at while trying to recover the body of the 57-year-old mother of eleven children.

Activists from the Free Women’s Movement (TJA) have visited the grave of Mother Taybet on Mother’s Day. The TJA women were joined by Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Nuran İmir, co-mayor of Silopi district, Adalet Fidan and Mother Taybet’s daughter Halime Akın.

Speaking here, HDP deputy İmir wished a happy Mother’s Day to all women and said the following; “Graves have been destroyed today in İdil – a district of Şırnak province. This savagery hurts the heart of mothers and cannot be explained with words. Mother Taybet is the mother of all of us. It is our duty to reclaim all mothers in her person. We promise her to follow in their footsteps and keep them alive forever.”

Women left a white headscarf and flowers on Mother Taybet’s grave. The group then visited the grave of Pakize Nayır, co-president of Silopi People’s Assembly who was murdered alongside women's rights activist and DBP member Sêvê Demir and Free Women’s Congress (Kongreya Jînên Azad) activist Fatma Uyar by Turkish security forces in Silopi in 2016.