“Women’s struggle entered a new phase”

Kongreya Star Coordination Member Heyfa Erebo said the women’s struggle entered a new phase with the Northern and Eastern Syrian Women’s Assembly Founding Congress.

Heyfa Erebo added: “The more we unite the louder our voice will be and the stronger we will get.”

Northern and Eastern Syrian Women’s Assembly Founding Congress was held yesterday with the motto, “Unity of free women is the guarantee of a democratic Syria” and participation of 150 delegates from women’s organizations, political parties and NGOs in Northern and Eastern Syria.

A 17 member coordination assembly was elected during the congress. Kongreya Star Coordination Member Heyfa Erebo spoke about the Northern and Eastern Syrian Women’s Assembly Founding Congress and said the women want to expand their experience to all of Syria.


Heyfa said the founding congress was held with opinions gathered from all women: “A new process started in Northern and Eastern Syria post-ISIS. We as women analyzed methods of organization in the new process and saw that it was important to act under an umbrella, so we made this decision. We wanted to create women’s unity under this umbrella.”


Heyfa stressed that holding the congress during the process Syria is in is a fitting decision and added that the Northern and Eastern Syrian Women’s Assembly being involved in this process is of historic importance for the future of Syria. Heyfa pointed out that the assembly has had a positive impact for all women in the region and said: “We want to spread the experience women are accumulating in the region to all of Syria. The strength of women’s organizations has become more visible, and this congress is a result of that strength.”


Heyfa said women’s organizations growing and increasing the struggle has cleared a path for the Women’s Assembly: “Women will determine the new process in Syria. However much we can unite and make our voice louder, we will participate in the new process that much stronger.

The new constitution of Syria will be assessed with participation from all colors of women. The gains achieved must be defended by women. Women’s struggles and cause is one and the same. As such, we must fight together.”

Heyfa said the congress showcased the rise in women’s struggle: “The congress shows that our struggle has entered a new phase, a higher level. The unity of Northern and Eastern Syrian women will increase women’s power.”