‘Women rise up for Afrin’ campaign continues

The ‘Women Rise up for Afrin’ campaign was initiated by the Kurdish women's movement Kongreya Star on 8 February with the aim of supporting the resistance in Afrin.

"The campaign 'Women Rise up for Afrin' will continue until the occupation ends in Turkey and people can return," Kongreya Star spokeswoman Evin Siwêd told the ANHA news agency. The campaign was launched by the Kurdish women's movement on 8 February this year to support the resistance against invasion in Afrin. Various women's gatherings, actions and seminars have been organized in Northern Syria as part of the campaign.

The campaign appeals far beyond the borders of northern Syria. As part of the campaign, delegations including doctors, lawyers and activists from France, England, Germany and Argentina came to northern Syria to visit the women's village of Jinwar and the two camps of refugees from Afrin in Shehba.