Women rally in Örebro in support of protests in Iran and Rohjilat

Women held a rally in Örebro to support the ongoing protests that erupted in Iran and Rohjilat after the murder, while in custody, of Jina Amini.

Kurds and Swedish people held a rally in Örebro to support the serhildans in East Kurdistan and Iran and to condemn the femicides carried out by the Iranian state's security forces.

Hundreds of Kurds, Persians and Swedish attended the rally, organised by the Örebro Democratic Kurdish Community Center, the Swedish Left Party and the Feminist Initiative.

Rıdvan Altun, on behalf of Örebro Democratic Kurdish Community Center, addressed the crowd and said that the Kurds showed with their own blood that the democratic revolution in the Middle East was built step by step and was not a dream. Left Party Örebro Provincial Chair Lin Josefsson said that Kurdish and Iranian women are not alone and that they will stand by them until the end.

The excitement was even greater when the last sentence of all the speeches ended with the slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" and the crowd repeated it with enthusiasm.

Swedish artists Jasse and Ann-Sofi also added colour to the rally with their songs.