Women of Kobane on border vigil against Turkish invasion threats

Women from Kobane launched a vigil along the border against Turkey’s threats to invade North and East Syria. The women said: “We will stand against the attacks. We will defend our lands that were freed with the blood of our martyrs.”

With the Turkish state deploying military equipment and troops by the border and increasing the threats against North and East Syria, women from Kobane joined security forces along the border to defend their lands against attacks.

A woman named Mehe Mihemed from the Alisar village to the east of Kobane said defending the lands of one’s country against Turkish invasion attacks is a priority duty and that they are on vigil to avoid a situation like Shengal or Afrin.


Mehe Mihemed said the women keep watch in shifts: “The Turkish state wants to settle gang groups allied to them in the region under the guise of a safe zone. We have seen the abductions, forced exiles, pillaging and killings in Afrin by the hands of the Turkish state and their gangs. We will stand against all attacks, big and small. We will defend the lands freed by the sacrifice of our martyrs.”

The invading Turkish soldiers continue to target children walking near the border. Meher Hesen (17) had lost his life when a Turkish soldier opened fire last week. A young man named Kaniwar from the Qere Moxe village was injured when soldiers opened fire as he worked in his field.

A woman named Xedice Heme called on civilians in villages close to the border to defend their lands and said: “Peoples live in peace in North and East Syria. If Turkey wants a safe zone, they can establish one in their own territory.”

The invading turkish state continues its threats to invade North and East Syria and has been stockpiling weapons by the border for the last month.

Peoples of the region have responded to Turkish threats with human shield actions, protests and marches against invasions.