Women in Sheikh Maqsoud challenge economic crisis through production

Women in Sheikh Maqsoud, Aleppo turned the roofs of their houses into vegetable gardens. The women are trying to resist the embargo their own way.

The cost of living is increasing in Syria. The Syrian lira fluctuates against the dollar and the current economic crisis is deepening. Women living in the Sheikh Maqsoud district of Aleppo turned the roofs of their houses into gardens in order to handle the economic crisis and to resist the embargo of the Damascus Government.


Fatima Xelil, 50, is planting vegetables on the roof of her house: “We are working with dozens of other women. We work communally. We create our own solutions. We plant many products such as green onion, parsley, pepper and cucumber on the roof. "


Fatima Xelil said that Kurdish people should offer their own alternatives. “We started the work two months ago. The prices have hiked. We want to stand against the economic crisis with our labor. We have also received training on this subject. As Mesopotamian women, we believe in our history. We are inspired by nature. All women should work to confront the economic crisis,” Xelil added.