Women from Raqqa: We knew freedom through Öcalan’s philosophy

Women from Raqqa, who have been imprisoned by hegemonic systems throughout history and in the home and behind black chadors under ISIS occupation, say they got to know freedom with the ideology and philosophy of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan has put forth the path to freedom for the peoples of the Middle East and all oppressed peoples with his ideology and philosophy, and he has posed a free life for women imprisoned in homes for millennia by the patriarchal system. The invading Turkish state has imprisoned Öcalan and has been implementing policies of isolation against Öcalan for years to prevent his ideology and philosophy from spreading and the peoples marching to freedom using them.

But despite all obstacles and oppression, peoples basing themselves on the philosophy and ideology of Öcalan are building a free life wherever they live. Women in Raqqa, who had suffered under the Baath regime and subjected to barbaric ISIS practices hidden under black chadors for years, say they have come to know freedom with Öcalan’s ideology and philosophy after their lands were liberated from ISIS.

Raqqa Women’s Assembly Administrator Zelîxe Ebdî said they have come to comprehend true freedom after they got to know Öcalan’s philosophy: “With Öcalan’s ideology and philosophy, we have taken our rights after many dark years and we have come to know freedom.” Ebdî said the Turkish state is resorting to isolation practices to prevent the ideology of Öcalan, who has brought freedom to the region and built a common life for the peoples, from spreading: “We will never waiver in our struggle for the freedom of Öcalan, who is the only leader fighting for women’s freedom.”

Raqqa Economy Committee Administrator Buseyna El-Xelef said the Turkish state implemented isolation practices against Öcalan because they are afraid of the construction of a democratic society based on the common life of peoples and women’s freedom, and stressed that they will continue to fight for the freedom of Öcalan.

Women’s Assembly Member Xewle El-Isa said women in Northern Syria came to know freedom after they learned of Öcalan’s ideas and called to increase the fight against the ongoing isolation.