Women's conference ended with call for unity

The final declaration of the United Kurdish Women's Platform conference states that "colonialism and genocide won't end without unity".

The United Kurdish Women's Platform held its second conference which ended with a final declaration saying: "We once again met with the motto 'we are here, our unity is our freedom'.

The conference discussed the attacks and violations of rights in Kurdistan and women reiterated that "without the unity of Kurds, we cannot get rid of the genocide and colonial policies imposed on all four sides of Kurdistan, and especially on Kurdish women."

The final declaration also underlined the following: "We do not accept the male-dominated, feudal, militarist attitude of official ideologies that ignores women.

We oppose the ‘fragmentation' imposed on us.

We will put forward the women's perspective for the freedom of the Kurds and our desire for unity.

We are committed to insist on dialogue among Kurds for our unity. 

We accept Ayşe Şan's request to be buried in Amed as a testament to Kurdish women; we will work to transfer her body from Buca / Izmir to Amed.

Our second anniversary conference ended with the call of unity to Kurdish parties, institutions, organizations, initiatives, movements."