‘With the physical freedom of Öcalan, freedom and solution will prevail’

KJK Coordination Member Hêvî Nûda said that the breaking of the genocide policy will begin in İmralı which is the main target of the genocide policy, adding, “With the physical freedom of Öcalan, freedom and solution will prevail.”

The KJK (Kurdistan Women’s Communities) Coordination Member Hêvî Nûda said that they did not hear from Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan because of the aggravated isolation imposed on him, but they knew very well that he resisted conspicuously. “The aggravated isolation and solitary confinement show us this very clearly. It tells about Öcalan's invincibility and non-submission in emotion, thought and body. Our guerrillas gain strength from this and are fighting the enemy with this great power, spirit and consciousness,” Nûda said.

KJK Coordination Member Hêvî Nûda answered ANF's questions. Below is the first part of the interview.

What is the connection between the political, economic, social and social crisis in Turkey, which beleaguers the ruling AKP, and the isolation and Kurdish genocide policy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan?

Before answering your question, I would like to put emphasis on the historic resistance of our guerrillas against the genocidal attacks of the AKP-MHP fascist government. An outstanding resistance is taking place against this fascist regime, and our precious comrades are being martyred in this war. In this regard, we commemorate all our martyrs with respect and gratitude in the persons of our PAJK Assembly Member Bêrîvan Zîlan, who was recently martyred, Jiyan Amargî, who immortalized episodes of guerrilla struggle with her pictures in Botan, and our commanders Rojda, Karker and Doğan, who became immortal during the historic Zap resistance. We reiterate our promise that we will remain committed to their memories under all circumstances. Also, we praise all HPG and YJA Star guerrillas, their command echelon and warfare structure, who resist with great humanity and morality against barbarian attacks in the resistance positions. Martyr Bêrîvan Zîlan was a competent comrade who worked for more than 30 years in many fields, from forming THE women's army to social, ideological and political activities in the history of the struggle. Our women's revolution and our organization have also gained meaning and strength with the presence, participation and leadership of friend Bêrîvan. Being worthy of her memory means making the women's revolution widespread and contributing to the persistence of the revolution. By following in their footsteps, we will strengthen women's guerrilla warfare, their military leadership and social revolution.


The deadlock in the Kurdish question stems from the contradictions between a crisis-ridden government and helpless and increasingly impoverished peoples of Turkey. As the state cannot accept failure in the face of the Kurdish emancipation, it implements a policy of excessive violence, and the more it resorts to violence, the more it muddles about in a vicious circle. Moreover, by saying that "we are on the same boat", the fascist Erdogan and his regime are trying to overwhelm all the peoples of Turkey, especially the Kurdish people, the oppressed classes, including women and children, inside this vicious circle. We are not on the same boat. The boat of AKP-MHP fascism is full of special and dirty wars, nationalism, religious fundamentalism, immorality, lies, conspiracies, rapes and ignorance. Their boat is now full of holes. The oppressed, the peoples and women do not belong to this boat, but the government disseminates the illusion that everyone is on the same boat.


The recent brake failures of Cengiz Holding's trucks in Derik, Mardin describe very well the situation of the AKP-MHP fascist government. Just as these two trucks run over people on the street, the AKP-MHP government is crushing society, values, humanity, morality and all precious things. When we look at this incident, it does not seem like an accident at all. Since the Turkish state which has failed in Zap, Avaşîn, Metîna and Amediyê is gradually losing its power, it does not want to confront any obstacles. Just as the Turkish army is attacking guerrillas who resist with great will in the Medya Defense Zones with chemical and tactical nuclear weapons, regardless of any moral criteria or limits, the Turkish government is also attacking society materially and morally without interruption. Turkish authorities tell people: "Don't stand in front of me, I'll crush you like Cengiz Holding's trucks". Using unbridled, unlimited, excessive force and weapons in the mountains of Kurdistan, the AKP-MHP fascism is trying to implement the same thing in the cities of Kurdistan with different methods. We would like to offer our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in this incident, which was called an accident, and wish the injured a quick recovery. We call on our people to be careful against the closure of this case by the AKP through dirty methods and to bring those responsible to account for the massacre.


Now, the alarm bells have started to ring for the dreams of hegemony and empire promoted by the AKP-MHP fascist government. The policy of permanent war has reached a level that damages society, economy, law, health, education and social life. The AKP-MHP government can no longer advance. As Öcalan said years ago, this way of dealing with things has no end and brings no result. As predicted by Öcalan, the AKP has begun to pay a heavy price for its policies of aggression against the Kurdish people and the Freedom Movement, as well as for its dreams of regional hegemony. However, as it knows very well that it will collapse if it stops for an instant, it tries to drive the war truck as long as it can. The AKP made its way onto this bloody road in such a way that there is no turning back, so it keeps attacking without brakes. They committed war crimes, moral crimes and caused financial and emotional damage, and they are unable to hide them anymore. If you pay attention, the AKP has not changed the staff it has been working with for years. Since they are all partners in crimes, from the MIT head to the Chief of the General Staff, they seek to maintain this complicity together until the end.


We have a government trying to maintain its regime through multiple attacks, the main source of which is the aggravated isolation torture imposed on Öcalan in Imrali prison. This policy started in Imrali prison and has become systematized. It has been adapted to life, politics, military strategies and tactics. Since Öcalan is not an ordinary individual who belongs to a tribe or a group, he represents, on the contrary, the national leadership of the Kurdish people and the socialist leadership of the oppressed humanity of our age, every attack against him can be considered as an attack against the Kurds and humanity. Moreover, because of his sincerity and leadership in the women's freedom struggle, any attack against him means an attack against women. As a matter of fact, everyone can see clearly how intense these attacks against the Kurds, women and democrats have become. We can't hear anything from Öcalan because of this aggravated isolation torture, but we know very well that he keeps resisting outstandingly. The aggravated isolation and solitary confinement show us this very clearly. It tells about Öcalan's invincibility and non-submission in emotion, thought and body. Our guerrillas gain strength from this and are fighting the enemy with this great power, spirit and consciousness.

The elimination of this genocidal policy is very important and decisive for Kurdistan and our region. This elimination will begin in Imralı which is the main target of the genocide policy, and with the physical freedom of Öcalan, freedom and solution will prevail. Therefore, focusing on Öcalan's physical freedom means spreading his paradigm as far as possible, introducing it to humanity, as well as breaking the grip of genocide for the Kurds in the 21st century.