Webinar on Feminicide and Self Defense with YPJ commander Aryen

A new webinar "Feminicide and the Answer of Women's Self Defense" is to take place on 19 July, the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, featuring YPJ commander Aryen (Arian).

One of the most overlooked issues of conflict, oppression and war is violence against women and feminicide as a weapon of war. For decades, the Kurdish women’s movement has based it’s organising on the necessity of self-defence in all areas of life, including physical self-defence.

The organisers of the webinar said: "Join us to hear from Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ) commander Aryen Rojava on why women need autonomous self-defence units. Aryen will discuss their development and how we can organise an international struggle against feminicide."

Commander Aryen (Arian) features in a documentary by Catalan filmmaker Alba Sotorra.

The appointment is Sunday, 19 July 2020

17 UTC/19 CEST/20 EEST


register: [email protected]