Two women murdered in Batman and Antep

In Batman, a young woman was murdered by the man to whom she was married according to religious custom. Her sister was seriously injured in the attack. In Antep, a woman's body was discovered with massive cut wounds.

Sultan Karabulut was murdered in Batman by the man to whom she had been married according to religious custom. Her sister Müzeyyen Karabulut was seriously injured in the attack and is undergoing intensive medical treatment.

The murderer is Doğan Demir, who fled after the armed attack in an apartment in the Çamlıtepe neighborhood. Police have launched a manhunt.

According to the Batman Bar Association's Women's Rights Center, Sultan Karabulut reported her husband several times before her murder. "Although the young woman indicated quite a few times that her husband wanted to murder her, she was not protected," the Women's Rights Center said on Twitter.

On the other hand, a woman's body was found in an empty lot in Antep today. The identity of the deceased has not yet been determined; her body shows numerous cut wounds.

In Mardin, student Irem Zeynep Aygün died in a suspicious manner in a dormitory belonging to the Diyanet Foundation. The young woman reportedly jumped out of the window of her eighth-floor room in the morning. According to her fellow students, an ambulance did not arrive until thirty minutes later, and first aid was not provided. Irem Zeynep Aygün died in the state hospital in Mardin. She was in her first year of midwifery training at Artuklu University. The dormitory has not made a statement yet.

Feminicides are committed almost daily in Turkey and northern Kurdistan. According to research by the independent platform ‘We Will Stop Femicide’, at least 18 women were murdered in October, and another 19 women died in suspicious ways. In September, the platform found 26 murders of women, and in another 19 deaths, the circumstances were described as suspicious. Last year, 300 women were murdered by men in Turkey.