TJK-E: We will expand the resistance in line with Leader Öcalan’s resistance

"We will frustrate the plan of the conspirators and build a democratic life," said the Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe and called all women and peoples to participate in the demonstrations on January 23.

The Kurdish Women's Movement in European (TJK-E) made a written statement on the anniversary of the international conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

"The capitalist system has sought a Kurdish genocide through an international conspiracy to prolong its life, occupy the Middle East and reshape the world," said TJK-E and continued:

"The conspiratorial forces targeting the Kurdish people, women, and all segments promoting freedom in the person of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) were frustrated from the first day thanks to the strong foresight and struggle of Leader Apo. He has made a great effort to frustrate the conspiracy. Devoting himself to the freedom of the peoples, he prevented the conspiracy from reaching its goal with his stance that fostered the struggle.


For 22 years, the conspiracy has continued in different ways, and the genocidal attacks against the identity, language, will, history and achievements of the Kurdish people and women have permanently continued. The fascist Turkish regime seeks to cement its existence through the annihilation of the Kurdish people. Kurdish women have been the primary targets of these genocidal policies implemented by the Turkish state for 100 years. Genocide, assimilation, exploitation and special war policies rely on the persecution of women. The AKP-MHP fascist regime has mobilized all its means to carry out these genocide policies more effectively.

All these attacks have not achieved results in the face of the struggle of Kurdish women and people, on the contrary, a reality of Kurdish woman and the Kurdish people has been created, which emerged from all struggles. Despite being the most ancient people of the Middle East, the Kurdish people whose identity and existence are not acknowledged, successfully fought for their existence against these genocidal attacks with their struggle ongoing for more than 40 years under the leadership of Leader Apo. They pioneered revolutionary developments in the Middle East, especially the women's freedom struggle, and showed the world that a democratic and liberal life is possible."

Emphasizing that "We are determined to expand the struggle in line with the resistance of Leader Apo", the following continued:

"Kurdish women and youth, the Kurdish people and their friends are currently in great resistance against the conspiratorial forces as it has always been from the very beginning. We will expand our struggle with the campaigns “Time to Defend Free Society and Free Women against Femicide” and “Time to Realize Freedom, Stop Isolation, Occupation, Fascism”. We will build the free and democratic life of women and peoples by frustrating the plans of the forces that seek to turn Kurdistan and the Middle East into a bloodbath.

On this basis, we call on all our people, especially women, and our friends to join the actions we will launch under the leadership of the European Kurdish Women's Movement on January 23."