TJK-E calls for simultaneous demonstrations at 6 pm

Kurdish Women’s Movement Europe (TJK-E) said the confiscation of Amed, Van and Mardin municipalities again a coup and called for simultaneous demonstrations around the world at 6 pm.

TJK-E issued a written statement and said, “The fascist AKP regime couldn’t handle the defeat of March 31 and has confiscated the Amed, Van and Mardin metropolitan municipalities. They have attacked the free will of the people again in another coup. Similarly, close to 450 HDP and DBP members were detained in midnight house raids.”

The statement continued: “Amed Metropolitan Municipality’s Co-mayor Adnan Selcuk Mizrakli, Mardin Metropolitan Co-mayor Ahmet Turk and Van Metropolitan Co-mayor Bedia Ozgokce Ertan were removed from office. The persons appointed to their posts have no legitimacy and are aiming to impose fascism upon society through colonial laws. This attack against the Kurdish people and their will through elected representatives is against all democratic forces, and against democracy itself.”

The statement called on European states and international bodies: “We as the Kurdish Women’s Movement Europe are calling on European states and international institutions and bodies to voice their protest against these political genocide attacks and to play their roles. All should speak up against these fascistic practices and attacks.”

TJK-E called on all Kurds and allies to take to the streets at 18:00 today around the world to voice their protest:

“As the Kurdish Women’s Movement Europe, we condemn this attack against the free will of the people and the right to free elections and to be represented. We are calling on all intellectuals, revolutionaries, democrats and opposition groups in society to put forth their protests against these genocidal attacks against the will of millions of people. We are calling on our people in Europe and around the world to simultaneously take to the streets at 18:00 tonight to show their democratic discontent. Our women and our people must speak up and uphold their own will against fascism.”