TJK-E calls for participation in 'Freedom for Öcalan' action in Strasbourg

The TJK-E called on "all women to participate in the 'Freedom for Leader Öcalan' action to be held in Strasbourg today, 27 February.

In a written statement, the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe (TJK) said: "Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] has been held in a prison system with unprecedented conditions in the world on the island of Imralı for 25 years. There are no legal or humanitarian rules in this inhumane system. Despite this, Leader Apo has resisted and defended unity, peace, democracy and freedom. He developed a paradigm that represents a free life alternative for humanity with great consciousness and determination."

The statement criticized the fact that the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) went to Turkey to visit prisons but did not go to Imrali.

The statement said: "The CPT is complicit in what is going on in Imrali by remaining silent against the unlawful and inhumane practices that have been going on in Imrali for 25 years. This torture regime and the current conditions of absolute lack of communication are inhumane as a form of torture. Once again, we call on the CPT to fulfill their duties by disclosing their findings and observations regarding Imrali to the public. We also call on international institutions, especially the Council of Europe, to do their part."

The TJK-E called on all women to attend the "protest in Strasbourg" today, 27 February, and added: "Kurdish people and their friends all over the world, especially women, are in constant action to demand freedom for Leader Apo. However, we will further expand our struggle to completely foil this most comprehensive conspiracy in history and ensure Leader's physical freedom."