TEKO-JIN, for struggling young women

Young women living in Europe announced in a meeting the launch of the Jinên Ciwanên Tekoşer (Struggling Young Women) Movement.

Young Kurdish and internationalist women living in Europe established the Tevgera Jinên Ciwanên Tekoşer (Struggling Young Women Movement), in short TEKO-JIN. The committee, which consists of about 15 young women, was announced in a joint press release after a 2-day meeting and activity.

The statement said: “The war between the democratic and capitalist system is fought to defeat the cultural and physical genocide being carried out in the person of President Apo [Abdullah Ocalan], against the whole Kurdish people. Culture, history, memory and sociality are wanted to be destroyed especially in the person of women. In the personality of youth, who are the leading forces of the society with their energy, the society is sentenced to rot, the society is destroyed by agents and drugs. The society should fight against all policies of destruction of capitalist modernity in the style of revolutionary popular war.”

The statement added: “We do not accept the false life imposed on us, as young women, as Kurds, as women and internationalists living in the diaspora, the center of capitalism. We are organising against this. Within the framework of the paradigm of President Apo, we declare Tevgera Jinên Ciwanên Tekoşer, in short TEKO-JIN.”