Seminar about Democratic Confederalism and Jineology in Catalunya

Participants paid tribute to martyrs of revolutionary struggles and talked in detail about Jineology, women’s movement the democratic confederalism system and the 9 October plot.

The Committee of Jineology in Catalunya organised a seminar about democratic confederalism and Jineology in the city of Girona, in Catalunya, on the 7th of October.

The event started with a commemoration for Ernesto Che Guevara as the 9th of October marks the anniversary of his assassination in 1967.

An activist from Uruguay opened the event talking about the work and the task undertaken by Ernesto Che Guevara in Latin America.

Members of the Committee of Jineology in Catalunya then paid tribute to Kurdish journalist and academic Nagihan Akarsel who was murdered in Sulaymaniyah city in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq earlier this week.

Nagihan Akarsel was defined as an important figure for all the women’s liberation movements in the world, for her task and determination in the women's struggle.

The activists condemned the 9 October 1998 plot, which marks the forced departure of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan from Syria, starting the process that led to his abduction, imprisonment and isolation.

The activists also marked the third anniversary of the Turkish offensive on Rojava that resulted in the occupation of Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) and Serekaniye (Ras al-Ain) on 9 October 2019.

The event continued with a seminar about the democratic confederalism system put forward by Öcalan, with an in-depth discussion on ethics and political society, and the situation and praxis regarding the system implemented in Rojava.

The activists then talked about Jineology and the women’s movement, as well as the methodology and the works that Jineology develops in Kurdistan and in different parts of the world.