Saturday Mother Maside Ocak detained during today's demo in Istanbul

Saturday Mother Maside Ocak was detained while reading the press statement at the 615th week of justice vigil by Saturday Mothers at Istanbul's Galatasaray Square.

Istanbul police have interfered the Saturday Mothers who have been holding sit-in at Taksim’s Galatasaray Square every Saturday for 615weeks now for the state to declare the faith of their relatives disappeared in custody and for the perpetrators to be put on trial.

Police first seized the identity card of Saturday Mother Maside Ocak on the grounds that she “spread terrorist propaganda” in the press statement. She was later taken into custody on request of the prosecutor's office.

Maside Ocak, sister of symbol name Hasan Ocak, has been demanding justice to have the perpetrators put on trial for 21 years in Galatasaray Square. Maside was a young girl when she first started demanding justice for her brother Hasan, who was taken into custody in Avcılar, Istanbl on March 21, 1995 and whose lifeless body was found tortured in a forest in Beykoz Buzhane village on March 26, 1995. She is now a mother.