Police attacked women for Leyla Güven: 13 detained

13 women carrying out a “standing protest” in support of DTK Co-chair Leyla Guven were battered and detained.

13 women gathered in the Sanat Street in Ofis, Yenisehir in Amed to carry out a “standing protest” in support of DTK Co-chair Leyla Guven who has been on a hunger strike for 133 days to demand an end to the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The women wore white scarves with Guven’s photographs printed on them and held a standing protest for a while, as they were surrounded by the police.


The police told the women to disperse, but they said they would continue. The women, with Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Amed Provincial Co-chair Rewsen Karademir. HDP Yenisehir District Co-chair Demet Ozkaran, Sur District Co-chair Sevim Coskun, HDP Caucus Member Nevriye Cur, TJA Activists Safiye Akdag, Remziye Sizici, Ronda Bat, Halime Akyol, Leyla Inal, Ayten Aytin and Ayfer Bakir among them, were attacked by the police and later detained.

The women were battered and detained as the police raised their shields high to prevent journalists from recording images.


HDP Amed MP Musa Farisogullari went to the Sanat Street and said, “Leyla Guven has been on a hunger strike for 133 days. Now this resistance is in place because this state doesn’t implement its own laws. This tyranny wil lend. Friend and foe alike should know that this resistance will continue until the end, have no doubt.”