Platform of United Kurdish Women against Turkish invasion

The Platform called for international authorities to fulfil their obligations, warning that the 21st century will be the century of destruction of humanity if the International bodies and institutions do not fulfil their responsibilities.

The Platform of United Kurdish Women released a statement calling for immediate international action against the Turkish military offensive seeking to invade North and East Syria.

The statement reads as follows;

“We, Kurdish women who are from different world view, parties, occupations, environment, personalities and activities came together under the umbrella of Platform of United of Kurdish Women.

As of now, we both witnessed and suffered from many attacks and massacres. The Kurds displaced or destroyed at their home-place. There was no difference between displaced and to be destroyed at home-place. The firsts, who were victim of being assimilated, displaced and destroyed, were Kurdish women and Kurdish children.

We Kurdish women will never ever accept to be displaced and destroyed at our home-place today. We are resisting against to be part of the repeated of the history and to be pressed into the exhibition glasses of ethnographic museums, this is our social and humanitarian responsibility. We are struggling to live free and equal together with all nations and peoples. Today, all the brutal methods of war are being conducting by Republic of Turkey’s current regime in North and East Syria.

This war is adverse to all universal agreements like UN, European Commission and European Parliament, European act of Self-Governance, Kyoto Protocol, Ottowa Agreement, Human Rights Universal Declaration, Children's Rights, Women's Rights and Geneva Convention on War. The whole humanity is suffering from this war, the international law is being humiliated, the democracy is deteriorating very quickly and the war is converting toward a phase of crimes toward all humanity. The hypocrisy of law and politics destroying the human value and humanity.

We, the Platform of United Kurdish Women, notably call for UN to fulfil its obligations and responsibilities. We call for Kurdish People to establish their unity against this brutality. We declare and renew our calls that we are ready to mediate for building peace. If the International bodies and institutions do not fulfil their responsibilities, the 21st century will be the century of destruction of humanity.”