Peace mothers appeal to KDP

Activists of the Peace Mothers Initiative from Northern Kurdistan appeal to the Barzani clan to prevent a "fratricidal war", saying that the mothers in Southern Kurdistan should form a bridge of brotherhood.

The Turkish state continues its occupation attacks on Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). During the invasion, civilian settlements and guerrilla areas are bombed, and massacres occur. Units tied to the KDP accompany the attacks and provide coordinates to the Turkish state. Activists from the Mothers of Peace Initiative in Northern Kurdistan call on the KDP to end the aggressive policy.

Kudret Eryılmaz refers to KDP politician Masoud Barzani's promise that "blood will never again be shed among brothers and sisters." Barzani must stick to this promise, the activist demands and states that the family clan must also reveal what the Turkish state promised it in return for supporting its invasion.

"If we as Kurds from the north are the breakfast for the Turkish state, the government and the Kurds in the south are the supper. The Turkish state wants to let brothers and sisters fight against each other. As mothers, we appeal to Barzani: He must not allow this dirty policy. The KDP must immediately realize the mistake it is making. The blood of Kurdish children must not be so cheap. Those who commit treason will write history with dirty letters. How will the Barzani family justify itself to the mothers and to history? It is a great shame that the mothers who ask about their missing children there do not get an answer."

Eryılmaz calls on all mothers in Southern Kurdistan to form a "bridge of brotherhood," saying, "That enemies fight each other is understandable, but brothers and sisters must not fight each other. The birakujî [fratricidal war] must end immediately. Those who sit at home today and remain silent make themselves part of this war."

Sabiha Tamriş stresses that the ongoing dirty politics is a false offensive that is unforgivable. "The children there are the children of all Kurds," says the activist, referring to the guerrilla fighters, who come from all four parts of Kurdistan. "The Barzani family should also consider them as their own children. If the Turkish state attacks us today, it will attack them tomorrow. As long as this despotic state exists, no one can sleep peacefully at home. The Barzani family can prevent bloodshed. The Turkish state wants us to kill each other. How can the Barzani family make itself a partner in this dirty policy? During the Gulf War, we in the north opened our homes to our brothers and sisters from the south. The Kurds from the south should show the same attitude today. They should take to the streets against occupation and attacks."