PAJK Coordination: It's time for freedom and it's time for women!

PAJK Coordination: Kemal Pir, M. Hayri Durmuş, Akif Yılmaz and Ali Çiçek declared the victory of the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom with the resistance they embodied.

In a written statement, the PAJK Coordination said: "On the 37th anniversary of the Great Death Fast Resistance on 14 July we pay tribute to Kemal Pir, Hayri Durmus, Ali Çiçek, Akif Yılmaz, our immortal martyrs, with respect and gratitude, and salute the actions that showed us the path to victory."

The statement added: "The resistance of 14 July is the engraving of a line that speaks of dedication, dedication to the cause, responsibility to the people, and dedication to history.

The Newroz fire burned by Mazlum, was picked up by the Four, and the actions of our comrades who became immortal by going on death fast moved from the prisons to the mountains. Kemal Pir, M. Hayri Durmus, Akif Yilmaz and Ali Cicek led the resistance of the Kurdish people and declared the victory of the struggle for freedom."

The statement continued: "In the spirit of 14 July, we invite all our people and women to stand up to the invasion of South Kurdistan, the repression in all parts of Kurdistan and to the sciovinistic mentality and claim victory in the struggle for freedom.

It's time for freedom and it is time for women. Women's freedom has developed with the resistance line created by the spirit of PKK-PAJK. While we commemorate our great martyrs who are the creators of this spirit once again with respect and gratitude, we state that we will surely build freedom and women leadership, as devised by our Leader, as a requirement of our commitment to their memories. ”