NE Syria women’s delegation continues talks in Southern Kurdistan

After Sulaymaniyah, the delegation is having talks in Hewler (Erbil).

A delegation of women from North and East Syria has been on a visit to Southern Kurdistan for a series of talks. After Sulaymaniyah, the delegation is having talks in Hewler (Erbil).

The delegation chaired by Kongreya Star Coordination Member Asya Abdullah is made up of activist Estêre Qasim, Future of Kurdistan Movement (Pêla Pêşeroja Kurdistan) Chairperson Narin Metin, Afrin Region Autonomous Administration Executive Council Member Şêraz Hemo and Kongra Star Southern Kurdistan Representative Cihan Xelil.

The delegation has visited Kurdistan Laborers Party today.

Informing the Kurdistan Laborers Party about the objective of their visit, the delegation said preparations were underway for the 3rd Conference of Kurdistan Women. They said the decisions made at the Amed and Hewler conferences would continue to be implemented.

Kurdistan Laborers Party Politburo Member Niştiman Kemal said; “We will provide any support needed for the organization of women’s conference. Women need unity more than ever.”