Men killed at least 22 women and two kids in March

Men killed at least 22 women and two children in March. Two men, who were with the murdered women, were also killed. 

The murders in March bring the total number of murders in the first three months of 2019 to 68.

In addition men raped at least six women and harassed at least seven others in March.

The news are compiled by bianet from local and national newspapers, news websites and agencies.

Provinces where the murders took place

Bianet listed the provinces where the murders were committed as follows: Antalya (1), Antep (1), Aydın (2), Bursa (1), Dersim (1), Erzurum (1), İstanbul (5), İzmir (3), Kocaeli (1), Konya (1), Mersin (2), Sakarya (1), Tokat (1), Trabzon (1).

36 percent of women were killed because they wanted to break up or did not accept reconciliation with their partner. 

40 percent of murders were committed in public places. 

Nine women were killed by their husbands, two women by their sons-in-law, one woman by the husband of her older sister, two women by their boyfriends, two women by their ex-husbands, one woman by her colleague at work and one woman by the father of her child's friend from school. One woman was killed by her son. 

Children killed by men

Men killed two children in March. While one of the deceased children was killed by the father, the other child was killed by the male cousin.

The two children were killed in Dersim and Kırklareli.