Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe calls on Kurds to protest Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe called on all Kurds who desire a free life, every socialist, the peoples of the Middle East and the democratic public to protest the Turkish attacks on the guerrilla areas.

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) said in a written statement that it is not enough to leave the responsibility of the resistance to the guerrillas alone and called for mass protests.

On the night between 23 and 24 April, the Turkish army launched a large-scale invasion of the Medya Defense Areas in South Kurdistan. The regions of Zap, Avaşin and Metina are being targeted by the air and ground attacks. The guerrillas responded to the attacks with fierce resistance.

"The attack began on the anniversary of the Armenian genocide"

The TJK-E statement said: “This attack, which began on the anniversary of the Armenian genocide, is directed not just against one region and not just against the guerrillas. The attack is directed against the determination of free Kurds to create free women, free individuals and a free society throughout the Middle East and to build an alternative system.”

The TJK-E emphasized the importance of the guerrilla resistance and the “right to legitimate self-defense that the guerrillas have been exercising, thus defending the existence and dignity of the Kurdish people for almost half a century. The guerrillas did not limit themselves to the defense of the existence of the people alone, but created an organization that embodies human utopias and concretizes the construction of a new society."

The attack is directed at the liberation of women

The TJK-E warned that the history of the Middle East is at a critical threshold and the Turkish state and the hegemonic powers want to commit another genocide: “The US are pursuing the same goal with their decision to put a bounty on the leading cadres of the freedom movement. We therefore regard the attacks, all of them, yesterday on Xakurke, Heftanîn and Gare and today on Zap, Metîna and Avaşin, as attacks targeting Kurdistan, the achievements of the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East and especially those achieved by women."

We all have to take our responsibility

The women's movement continued: “That is why the resistance to these invasion attacks is not only the responsibility of the guerrillas, but also of every Kurdish woman, every socialist, every peoples of the region and the democratic public, everyone who says: 'I want to live in dignity and freedom '. Our people and the Kurdish women in Europe maintained their organization for decades, kept their patriotism alive and never severed their spiritual and intellectual ties to the country. Today it is time to stand up and say: 'It is time for freedom' in order to destroy the last attacks of the fascist Turkish state. We have to be active to ensure the success of the campaigns 'Time for Freedom' and 'Together We Defeat Fascism', which we started some time ago. On this basis, we call on our people living in Europe, the Kurdish women, the democratic public and the feminist movement to take to the streets and thus strengthen the resistance."