Kurdish women in Germany protest Turkey’s use of chemical weapons

In Saarbrucken, women demonstrated against the Turkish use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan.

For weeks, Kurdish organizations in Europe have been protesting the Turkish state's use of banned chemical weapons in Kurdistan. In the course of the occupation operation launched in April in the Medya defense areas in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), the Turkish army has used chemical weapons hundreds of times against the guerrillas. Various poisonous gases have been used, resulting in the immediate death of guerrilla fighters in dozens of cases. Survivors report various substances affecting the nervous system or causing asphyxiation. According to the People's Defense Forces (HPG) statement published on October 24, 38 fighters have died from poison gas since the beginning of the year, and 323 chemical weapons attacks have taken place up to this point.

Kurdish organizations demand intervention against Turkish war crimes and an independent investigation on the ground. The Turkish government denies the use of chemical weapons and wants to prevent an investigation. The world public is silent on the accusations.

Against this background, the Kurdish women's council held a demonstration in the German city of Saarbrucken. The women's council in Saarbrucken, which named itself after the revolutionary Şirin Elemhuli who was executed in Iran, set up a stand in the city center and provided information about the Erdogan regime's actions in Kurdistan with flyers and speeches.