Kongreya Star: Stand up for your own dignity

After the sexual violence and severe mistreatment by Turkish soldiers on the Syrian-Turkish border area, the women's umbrella organization Kongreya Star protested the policy of displacement.

Kongreya Star coordination in Qamishlo has issued a statement on the sexual violence and serious mistreatment on the Syrian-Turkish border. Last weekend it was revealed that refugees from the autonomous region of Northern and Eastern Syria had been mistreated by Turkish border guards when they tried to cross the border into northern Kurdistan.

Two groups for a total of 28 civilians wanted to cross the border between Qamishlo and Nusaybin on Turkish territory. Only two people are said to have managed to escape, all the others were picked up and arrested, according to those affected. An 11-year-old minor and a 25-year-old adult were reportedly pulled from the group by Turkish soldiers and raped.

Ibtîsam El Hisên said on behalf of Kongreya Star that "the fascist Turkish state continues to use inhumane methods in its attacks on the peoples of northeast Syria. In order to displace the population and facilitate the occupation, an agreement was recently concluded between the Syrian regime and the Turkish state to open the border between Rojava and Bakur. As a result of this agreement, women and children are raped and young men are tortured."

Kongreya Star added: "We don't accept torture, rape and fascism. We hereby declare that we will fight even harder against this inhumane approach. In this context, we call on our people not to allow themselves to be influenced by the special war and not to leave their country to the enemy.

In particular, we call on all women and young people to resist and to stand up for their country and dignity. In addition, we appeal to human rights organizations and the United Nations not to remain silent on the crimes of the Turkish state."