Kongreya Star: RJAK activists should be released immediately

The Kongreya Star Coordination has urged the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) to release the Free Women's Organization of Kurdistan (RJAK) activists insisting that the KDP is responsible for their life safety.

Three RJAK activists were detained in Hewler, South Kurdistan after a commemoration event that marked the 7th anniversary of the Yazidi massacre that took place on August 3, 2014 when ISIS attacked Shengal.

The Kongreya Star Coordination has released a written statement and pointed to the KDP's attacks on the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

“The KDP wants to eliminate Kurdish unity through its attacks. Two months ago, representatives of the PYD and the Autonomous Administration were detained by the KDP. Following public reaction, two PYD members were released. However, the whereabouts of Cihan Hesen, the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Hewler, is still unknown.”

The Kongreya Star has called for an immediate release of  RJAK activists Xewla Mihemed Hisên, Ciwana Ebdulheqî and Seyrana Ehmed Hesen, who were detained in Hewler, and added that the KDP is responsible for their life safety.