Kongreya Star Coordination condemns sentencing of TJA Term Spokeswoman Ayşe Gökkan

Kongreya Star Coordination condemned the sentencing of TJA Term Spokeswoman Ayşe Gökkan to 30 years in prison for her work.

Free Women's Movement (TJA) Term Spokesperson Ayşe Gökkan was sentenced to 30 years in prison, charged with "membership and management of a terrorist organization". To justify the sentence, her women's work was presented as evidence. Reacting to the sentence, Kongreya Star Coordination called on all women to expand the struggle.

The statement said: “The Kurdish people are struggling to obtain their rights by all peaceful means and methods. This struggle is exposed to the massacre attacks of the hegemonic powers and the Turkish state. Such a massacre has never been seen or heard of before.

The Kurdish people and Kurdish women, who have increased their struggle for existence, are subjected to all kinds of violence and torture. The harshest interventions are made against women demanding and working for freedom.”

The statement added: “Yadê Eqîde, Zehra Berkel, Yadê Emine and many leading women in Rojava Kurdistan, Şîlan, Tolhildan and others in Bashur Kurdistan are proof of this. Finally, the 30-year prison sentence given to Ayşe Gökkan in Bakur Kurdistan is the embodiment of the fear the power has of women's struggle.

Ayşe Gökkan clearly demonstrated her stance with her hunger strike so that Rojava and Bakur would not be separated from each other by walls.

She was punished by being accused of "membership and management of a terrorist organization" while she was in Amed prison. Her being the TJA Term Spokesperson proves her leading role in the women's struggle.

This attack on the free women's struggle is yet another evidence that the Turkish state tries to hide the deep crisis it is in. The right to free life is taken prisoner and punished with heavy penalties.

As Kongreya Star Coordination, we say this to all women in prisons: We will be in the streets everywhere in Northern and Eastern Syria. We will never give up on our demand for a free life. We will always be a thorn in the eye of the enemy. We call on all women to join in an organized struggle so that we can be successful.”