KJK: Rojava Revolution is a revolution of women and humanity

The KJK has celebrated the Rojava Revolution on its 9th anniversary and said it is the “revolution of women and humanity”.

The Community of the Women of Kurdistan (KJK) has issued a written statement on the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution that started on July 19, 2012, insisting that this revolution continues to be the humanity’s hope in its 10th year.

The KJK's statement is as follows:

“The Rojava revolution which is based on Abdullah Öcalan's freedom paradigm and system has completed its 9th year today. The Rojava revolution was realized with great sacrifices, hard work and the heroism of our martyrs. Legendary resistances and self-defence wars have been carried out against ISIS, one of the darkest forces in history, and free-living spaces have been created. Kurdish women and men have fought this honourable war and paved new ways for living in dignity in the Middle East.

As it is known, the 20th century was the century of division, fragmentation, de-identification, language ban, occupation and assimilation for our people. Our people have been faced with unprecedented policies of genocide.

The 21st century has also been a century in which our people have experienced a resurgence through Öcalan's paradigm of freedom, the PKK struggle, and the struggle to frustrate these genocidal policies. With the Rojava revolution in the Middle East and Kurdistan, our leader's paradigm, philosophy and system managed to realize a revolution in which women, peoples and faith communities can express their identity and will.

The Rojava revolution shines like a star among the World Revolutions as a revolution in which women, peoples and beliefs have formed their own self-government against the statist male-domination system.

The Kurdish people have taken their honourable place among the peoples of the world especially with their resistance against ISIS and their fight against the invading Turkish state. These lands are our ancient lands. And we will defend it to the end.

The most basic feature that distinguishes the Rojava revolution from other revolutions is that it has been introduced as a women's revolution. This revolution in Rojava and Northeast Syria left its mark on history with the active and equal participation of women in all areas of life. A new life is being created under the leadership of women. In this regard, the Rojava revolution is also a women's revolution. It is a revolution in which women lead all public life with their self-sacrificing and militant spirit. The spirit of resistance that developed under the leadership of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) has become an inspiration not only for the women of Kurdistan, but also for the whole Middle East and the world. The resistance of Kurdish women destroyed the false taboos of the male domination. Kurdish women revealed women’s historical essence and potential through an extraordinary resistance they put up against ISIS. All the capacities of women have been revealed with the Rojava revolution. Significant changes have been made in society under the leadership of women. Therefore, the whole world understood what women can do when they have consciousness of freedom and organization in virtue of Kurdish women. It has thus become an inspiration.

The Rojava revolution concretely demonstrated that life without a state is possible. It has also shown how vital the self-government and self-defence of women and peoples is and that permanent success cannot be achieved without building an alternative life in all areas of life.

Therefore, we celebrate the July 19 Rojava revolution which has become the hope of all humanity with great enthusiasm.

The Rojava revolution continues to be the hope of humanity in its 10th year. The Rojava revolution is a revolution of free and equal life. It is the revolution of women's free life.

The protection and development of the Rojava revolution relies on women's freedom, self-defence and organization through the brotherhood of peoples. A new understanding of revolution has developed in the history of humanity with the practical implementation of Öcalan's democratic, liberal and ecological paradigm. The reason why the Rojava revolution is still the focus of interest is ideological. Our Rojava revolution also provides the most competent and correct answer to the crises experienced by humanity. Democratic nation practice is developing in Rojava based on the fraternity of peoples under the leadership of emancipated women. The Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen, Armenian, Assyrian-Chaldean and Circassian peoples are reorganizing life in Rojava.

On this basis, we once again celebrate the 9th anniversary of our Rojava revolution. The Rojava revolution will continue to be the hope of all women and peoples of the Middle East and the world.”