Kışanak: We will build a colourful future through women's solidarity

Jailed Co-mayor of Amed, Gültan Kışanak sent a message to women, saying: “We will not surrender to darkness. We will build a colorful and bright future through women's solidarity and perspective.”

Amed Co-mayor Gültan Kışanak, who is jailed in Kandıra Women's Closed Prison in Kocaeli, has sent a message to women, written on a card with a photo of Amed's Sur district on it.

Kışanak remarked that she has just received the letter women sent to her on November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, for which reason she replied belatedly.

Amed Co-mayor stated the followings in her letter:

"Dear women, I embrace all of you one by one, and send my love and greetings. Receiving your postcards and letters, although one month belatedly, and feeling the solidarity of women, is a very good sentiment.

I thank all the women for the friendship and solidarity they offer, and for the struggle they give. I have also received the cards sent by women from TMMOB and KESK. I am sending you a rainbow. When we all stand together side by side with all our diversities, it is so nice, just like the rainbow.

There is no glue, scissors or coloured pen. Why would a coloured pen ever be banned? I would never understand it. Fortunately, I had colourful papers. I thought they would be a rainbow when you hang them side by side on the wall. If there is light, there are also colours. Darkness kills the colours. This is a law of nature. Now, the darkness wants to cow us into submission and eliminate all the colours. We will not surrender to darkness. We will build a colourful and bright future through women's solidarity and women's perspective.

With friendship and love."