KIHEP: 22 years of education for women in Hatay

Women's Human Rights-New Solutions Association has been providing training program for women for 22 years in Hatay. The program reached at least 15 thousand women.

The Women's Human Rights-New Solutions Association has organised the Women's Human Rights Education Program (KIHEP) since 1995 and has reached 15,000 women according to an independent research report between 2005 and 2011.

Within this framework, four out of ten women whose education was interrupted were able to continue their education.

Three out of ten women were able to participate in business.

94 percent of the respondents increased their self-esteem and 89 percent began to have more voice in family life.

67 percent became politically active and 59 percent began to take part in women's organizations.

Women sharing their experiences on the content of the 16-week training program organized by the Mor Solidarity Women's Association in Hatay are quite satisfied with the training they receive.

The aim of this training is to create a local base that supports the participation of women as free individuals and equal citizens in the process of establishing and maintaining a democratic, egalitarian and peaceful social order.

The content of the training includes women's human rights, constitutional and civil rights, violence against women, domestic violence, how to develop strategies against violence, women's economic rights, communication, gender education and children's rights.

This is a sixteen-week-long training course that includes women and sexuality, fertility rights, women and politics, feminism, the women's movement and the organisation of women.