KBDH paid tribute to Aynur Ada, who fell martyr in Til Temir

The United Revolutionary Movement of Women (KBDH) paid tribute to Aynur Ada (Göze Altunöz), the Central Committee and Founding Member of DKP / BÖG who fell martyr in Til Temir.

In a written statement the United Revolutionary Movement of Women (KBDH) said: "Comrade Aynur Ada (Göze Altunöz) struggled with women's freedom awareness in every area from high school to barricades on the streets, the stands on campuses to the guerrilla field. She fell a martyr together with Imran Storm (Yasin Aydın) in the resistance against fascist occupation in Til Temir, Rojava."

The statement added: "Comrade Aynur Ada has chosen the organized struggle against injustice and repression since her first youth and went to Rojava with a militant stance at a young age."

The statement recalled that "comrade Aynur Ada, acting with the consciousness of freedom, did not take a step back from the tasks she took, and shouldered the resistance with a revolutionary will until the last moment. took an active role in the establishment."