JINNEWS Agency says at least 37 women killed by men in June

Women's news agency JINNEWS reported that at least 37 women died due to male violence in June. According to the monthly records, 7 women died in suspicious circumstances.

According to the Women's News Agency JINNEWS, at least 37 women and 10 children were murdered in June, and 7 women and 2 children lost their lives under suspicious circumstances.

In the details of the report, 16 of the women were murdered by their husbands, 5 by the men they were divorcing, 3 by their ex-husbands, 2 by the men they had separated from, 3 by men they knew, 5 by unidentified men, one by a son-in-law, 2 by their fathers, one by a relative and one by her boyfriend.

The cities where most femicides happened were listed as follows: "5 in Ankara, 4 in Izmir, 4 in Adana, 3 in Eskişehir, 2 in Mersin, 2 in Konya, 2 in Dîlok, 2 in Mêrdîn, 1 in Colemêrg, 1 in Rize, 1 in Amed, 1 in Riha, 1 in Kayseri, 1 in Denizli, 1 in Niğde, 1 in Xarpet, 1 in Aydın, 1 in Kırıkkale 1 in Antalya, 1 in Istanbul, 1 in Tekirdağ.”