Jineology center leads the mental revolution

The Manbij Jineology Center plays a leading role in consciousness building for freedom and women’s organization with the seminars and meetings they hold.

The Manbij Jineology (Women's Science) Center was founded on January 2, 2018 to increase women’s consciousness for freedom and overcome the dark ideology spread by ISIS gangs and the hegemon system.

The Jineology Center has been leading the mental revolution through seminars and meetings held for all institutions and organizations in the region. The Center develops many plans and projects for the future and implements the leading role of women in society and women’s consciousness for freedom in all areas.

Jineology Center Administrator Sedîqa Xelo said they don’t confine their efforts with only Manbij and hold meetings and trainings in various centers to overcome the dark mindset that has been created. Sedîqa added that all women must fight for women’s freedom, which in turn means freedom for the whole society.