“It is a sacred duty for the YPJ to defend and free all women”

Women's Defense Units (YPJ) is participating actively in the Operation Cizire Storm with its fighters leading the offensive for the liberation of Deir ez-Zor from ISIS.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched the ‘Operation Cizire Storm’ on June 9 to liberate the east of the Euphrates and Deir ez-Zor from ISIS from two fronts.

The Women's Defense Units - YPJ, which was founded on 4 April 2012, is approaching the defense and rescue of the women in the region as their basic military job. The YPJ has actively participated in all the liberation operations launched in their region up to date. The YPJ gave the starting shots of the operations to liberate Rojava territory from the Baathist regime and most parts of Rojava and Northern Syria from the ISIS gangs.

One of the YPJ commanders Sozdar Cudi emphasised the importance of the campaign launched to liberate the remaining parts of the Cizire Region east of the Euphrates. She noted that the majority of this region's population was of the Arab community and that especially Arab women suffered the most at the hands of the brutal gangs and suffered enormously.

Sozdar Cudi stated that they as the YPJ are aiming for expanding the idea and philosophy of fraternity of all the peoples living in the region, in order to boost the principles of mutual respect and co-existence among the faith groups and the peoples of Northern Syria.

Cudi continued as follows: "When ISIS gangs attacked the whole region and invaded the cities and areas of Northern Syria, they first targeted the will of women. Therefore, it is a sacred duty of the YPJ to defend and free all the women of this region."

YPJ Commander called on all the local women to lend a helping hand to the YPJ forces, so that they can secure their defence against all the attacks that are aimed at the very existence of women. Cudi said they appreciate the support local women give to their fighters during their advance in the region: "As we advance in the regions we are engaged in operations to liberate, the women living in those areas are helping and supporting us."

The YPJ Commander also called on the local women to break the walls of fear created by the the barbaric acts of the ISIS gangs and the Baath regime, and to establish a system of self-defence."