HPJ guerrilla Zîlan Mako says women united can defeat the male-orientated system

HPJ guerrilla Zîlan Mako said that women are subjected to pressure from both the system and the male mentality, and said that the initiatives launched by KJAR are needed.

Women's Defense Forces (Hêzên Parastina Jinê-HPJ) guerrilla Zîlan Mako said that they are trying to end the imprisonment of women from Eastern Kurdistan within four walls.

Eastern Kurdistan Free Women's Association (Komalên Jinên Azadiya Rojhilat-KJAR) launched and continues the campaign "Child marriage is the killer of women" on 26 June against child marriage. Underlining the purpose of the KJAR campaign, HPJ guerrilla Zîlan Mako said that the campaign against child marriage is necessary and important, and added that they aim to end the confinement of women within four walls.

Speaking about the situation of women in Eastern Kurdistan, guerrilla Mako said: "The system run by the male-dominated mentality allows everything to men and prohibits everything to women. Even men are given the right to inflict all kinds of violence against women. These restrictions apply especially to young women. The dreams of children who are in need of a mother's love and need to live their childhood are killed by early forced marriage."

Guerrilla Mako said that women who seek rights are oppressed by men at home and by the male-orientated system outside. "Women who fight for rights are oppressed under the name of religion. Women are not even given the right to reply. When they answer, they face execution and stoning. Women need to organize against this, form their unity, and work on the issue of rights."

Fight for freedom

Guerrilla Zîlan Mako called on women to unite under the umbrella of KJAR and HPJ, to defend and fight for equality and freedom. “Women who are committed to the principles of life should not accept this system of oppression. The slogan 'Jin, jiyan, azadi' (Woman, life, freedom) is a call to struggle and a free life. Women united in Rojava and fought against ISIS and defended themselves. This should be an example for all of us. With the campaign launched by KJAR, women can unite, oppose child marriage and break slavery. Women need to take care of each other. When this happens, no system can stand in the way of women's freedom."