HPC-Jin members: We will resist and will not allow an invasion

HPC-Jin members stated that they are always ready to defend their land against possible attacks.

Members of Social Defense Forces – Women (HPC-Jin) spoke to ANF about the Turkish regime’s attacks and threats of invasion.

HPC-Jin Qamishlo member Wetha:

“Erdoğan is killing people without distinguishing children, women and elderly. Is the occupation of Afrin not enough already? Their history is known with massacres anyway. Enver Pasha, Sultan Yavuz and others, they all massacred peoples and lived on bloodshed. They wanted to eradicate the Armenians, Kurds and Yazidis.

We are people trying to live on our lands which we will protect resisting till the last drop of blood. We as HPC-Jin are always ready to defend our streets, villages and cities. We will be defending peace but in case of an attack we will take position and defend our land. We, women, do not favor the death of anyone. We do not want anyone to get harmed, be it Turks or Kurds.


Erdoğan tyrannizes all the Kurds. Leader Apo (Öcalan) says ‘I will not attack or invade anyone’s lands but in the case of an attack against us, we will resist and defend ourselves’. As the great commander Mazlum Doğan said ‘life is resistance’, we as peoples will resist. We call upon the world peoples not to remain silent on these attacks. Where are human rights defenders and civil society organisations? Erdoğan should face trial at the Hague. They are murdering our women and exposing their naked bodies. However, we as Kurdish women know that our honor is our lands, our country, our leader, our martyrs and our fighters. We will always be standing with them. Today, we are ready for both peace and war. We will resist and fight till the last drop of blood. We will continue defending our children, our elderly and all our people.”


Member of Martyrs’ Families Institution and HPC-Jin, Galya Suleyman:

“We don’t want Erdoğan on Syrian lands. We are insistent on this, as what we swore on our martyrs and our Leader. Erdoğan sacrificed neither his son nor his daughter for these lands. He continues to massacre the peoples of both Turkey and Syria. Even if the whole world connives at him, we Kurds will not bow to him. We are not afraid of him. We have a promise to walk to death on the path of our Leader.”


Amude HPC-Jin member Perwin Sinan:

“We as HPC-Jin condemn Erdoğan’s attacks and oppose these attacks targeting us. We will be defending ourselves with all our might. We do not want any external force to come and defend us. We, the HPC, are ready to do our part. We will be mounting defense for a free country, a free Kurdistan and free humanity.”