Health courses by women for women in Hajin

The Mala Jin in the former ISIS bastion Hajin in Eastern Syria offers courses for women to learn the basics of first aid. For many women it is the first time that they attend a course.

The Women's House "Mala Jin" in the former ISIS bastion Hajin in the East Syrian region of Deir ez-Zor has resumed its activities after a two-month forced break due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Since midweek a training course for learning about life-saving and health-preserving emergency measures has been running, in which 22 women are participating. The course teaches the women how to react in case of medical emergencies, such as respiratory or circulatory failure. It is the second of its kind offered in Hajin.

For most of the participants, however, it is the first time that they attend a course. Many of them are illiterate, as they were not allowed to attend school or were unable to attend. Mala Jin has also declared war on this problem.

"The territorial domination of the ISIS in the region here has been history for some time. But the rehabilitation of the women here and their reintegration into society is still ongoing. We as Mala Jin want to contribute to this. It is important for these women to develop an awareness of a healthy life," said Fatme Selam from the Women's House.