Guerrillas: The antidote to special warfare is self-organization

YJA Star guerrillas: "As PKK women we will never allow these dirty policies to gain the upper hand. The AKP shall never forget: Even if one single Kurdish woman remains, she will never submit. We have the political and ethical power to defeat the AKP."

Guerrillas of the YJA Star (Free Women's Troops) called attention to the traits of the Turkish state's colonialistic policy, which does not acknowledge any measures of humanity and morality, and stressed that self-organization and resistance are a must against this current regime of special warfare.

YJA Star guerrillas spoke to ANF about the special warfare the Turkish state is waging in Kurdistan and the indispensable struggle against it.


Guerrilla Rêvan Amed pointed out that the quintessences of being humans are social values and continued: "If you can sustain this essence and build your social communal life upon this foundation, only then you can talk about a free society".

Amed stressed that under these present circumstances it is impossible to talk about a free society, as the society and its elements have been deprived of their attributes due to special warfare. Calling the special warfare a war that targets freedom in principle, Amed contiued: "This is because of the fact that the system does not desire a free human being, a free society. It wants on the contrary a society and beings that have lost their true nature and became dependent on it.”

Rêvan Amed continued: "The system utilizes now the media and wages an extremely intensive and dirty war, encircling the people using television programs, art, visual and written materials. This tactic applies also to other institutions. It tries everything to bind the entire people to itself and render them immobile. The entire media included, it controls everything and creates slaves for itself by these means".


Amed stated that the special warfare that is being conducted in Kurdistan to a very dirty degree has recently become more evident, and said: "Filthy traps have been laid in Nusaybin against young girls, prostitution centres have been created, many cities have been left without water and electricity, the people have been prohibited to enter their fields, these are all a fraction of the weapons used in the special warfare. It is essential that a reorganizing based on the awareness of self defense becomes the fundamental mechanism against these sort of weapons".


According to YJA Star guerrilla Amargî Zîlda the war between the occupying Turkish army and the guerrilla is not restricted to the military aspect only and explained: "They have brought the war to every district, avenue, village and home in Kurdistan. And this is called special warfare."

Zîlda pointed out that on all levels, take it from the education to the economy, from the media to the culture, an intensive war has been commenced and pointed out that the true nature of special warfare does not get perceived very much when living inside the system. Zîlda said: "Humans take many things just for granted", and explained that the system tries to seize total control over humans as early as their childhood. YJA Star guerrilla continued: "But we do possess none the less the strength to change this situation. We can stop this cycle for good by organizing ourselves profoundly".


YJA Star guerrilla Avesta Kobanî emphasized that the system is aware of the fact that it is no more capable of making sizeable gains by exerting pressure, committing violations of all sorts and killing civilians and has therefore resorted to other means used in special warfare, giving the example of Sur: "They have totally destroyed it, burned it down, massacred the people. And now they even come and say: 'We serve the people here, we will redesign the city of Sur', intending to fool the society. This is the state's most rotten face."

Kobanî made clear that an important portion of the people is well aware of these dirty games and hence keeps on resisting in Sur, saying: "The people of Sur know very well that what the state wants to usurp is not only their homes, streets, districts and their objects of value, but also their identity, dignity and souls. And this is the reason that they keep on resisting with this knowledge against the special warfare. The antidote against the special warfare waged in Kurdistan is self-organization."


YJA Star guerrilla Arjîn Amed explained that the colonial policy of the Turkish state dehumanizes the people and makes them end in situations of not being able to protect their social and cultural values anymore, what makes a joint-struggle against this indispensable. Amed stated that an extensive assault is waged against the guerrilla forces who give a strong and clear fight, saying: "The Turkish state does not attack us only with guns and bombs and therefore we should not answer only with kalashnikovs either. An important part of our defense is the military defense. But we have to increase the defence mechanisms nonetheless. We need to be in action against the centres of the special warfare tirelessly".

Arjin Amed stated that in Amed, Gever and many other cities in Northern Kurdistan brothels have been established as a means of special warfare trying hard to trap the youth with that, continuing: "Against all this whole, the youth has to keep up their struggle constantly and choose for a free life.”


YJA Star guerrilla Berfîn Sêrt said that a true and successful struggle against the special warfare is only possible with a true analysis of the system and the taking up arms against it, whereas a struggle outside of these approaches suggests nothing but submitting to the system. Sêrt recalled that all the four different systems which have been forced on the respective parts of Kurdistan are employing different special warfare against the Kurdish people, explaining: "We have proven time and again that we are the victorious ones and we are striving for and presenting an alternative life. The YJA Star, HPJ, YPJ, YJS, YPS-Jin, all of whom are today women's defense forces aspiring to a free life, are fighting and organizing themselves in all four parts of Kurdistan. They have become the fear of special war forces. If we had not been that successful, this grime they represent would not had been revealed".


Another YJA Star guerrilla Ciwana Destan said: "We got to know the AKP and we headed to the mountains to fight against their policies. Whatever the AKP does, it will end up in failure". Guerrilla Destan pointed out that looking alone at the mothers in Sur makes clear that women will be the key to the future, adding: "We possess the strength to defeat the AKP."


YJA Star guerrilla Dersim Baz reminded of the daily imprisonment, murder and rape of women and stated that they are trying to takethe entire society prisoner in the person of the women. Baz emphasized that the women have proven to be a force that is able to gain victories in many fields, having checkmated the AKP for 15 years now, and added: "As PKK women we will never allow these dirty policies to gain the upper hand. The AKP shall never forget: Even if one single Kurdish woman remains, she will never submit. We have the political and ethical power to defeat the AKP."