From Kobanê massacre towards collective self-defense

The Kurds are obliged to form their security and defense force to protect themselves based on “self defense” in order not to disappear, to stop the genocide and the massacres.

The Kurds are obliged to form their security and defense force to protect themselves based on “self defense” in order not to disappear, to stop the genocide and the massacres.

Self-defense forces HPC (Hêzên Parastina Cewheri) and it's women branch HPC-JIN forces formed after the Kobanê massacre are based on this foundation. The women in HPC-JIN spoke to the ANF and expressed that women needed to focus on self defense.


Havva Beravar: I would like to start by commemorating those killed on June 25, 2015, most of whom were women and children. With the June 25 massacre, ISIS gangs have tried to defeat women and the fighting spirit women have brought forth.

But they have failed. Forming of HPC-JIN is a revolutionary answer to the ISIS gangs.

In this basis, I also condemn policies of violence inflicted upon women in every aspect of life. I would like to call on all the women of the world to not accept this oppression and raise the struggle.

Leader Apo says “There is only one way that women can protect themselves against these policies of oppression, and that is the women’s emancipation struggle.” The women need to come forward in all areas that are the areas they will emancipate themselves. It might seem impossible to carry out an emancipation struggle within the society, but it isn’t. Women can fight for emancipation in every aspect of life. Which is what we have been doing. We are showing that women can fight in every aspect of life.

Rohat Mihemed: I condemn the massacre committed by ISIS gangs on June 25, 2015 that in its essence was an attempt to deal a blow to the will of the women. I condemn this violence inflicted upon women.

The male mindset is being represented today by the state, AKP/Erdoğan and ISIS. Thus, women should know this by heart, men are always waging a war to break the trust women have in themselves and keep them subdued.

My call in the face of this is that women read Leader Apo’s defense texts very well and understand the perspective of how they need to defend themselves against the men. I call on all women, especially young women, to develop self defense under the roof of HPC-JIN to stop this violence.

Hetice Ubbeyd: I condemn all massacres, torture, rape and all kinds of violence inflicted upon women. The massacre of June 25 aimed to break the will of the women who have always actualized themselves with their labor and social standing and leave them without agency.

Women should never forget they are the pioneers. Examples of this could be women in Shingal, Rojava and of course the mountains of freedom. Women should fulfill their role of social pioneer well and raise their struggle as a whole.

I hereby call on women, all women should read the perspectives and analyses of the Leadership.


Zekiye Mihemed: I am from the neighborhood Kaniya Kurdan. I have worked with Kongreya Star before. Last year, after the Kobanê Massacre of June 25, I understood that there would be no life without self defense.

I joined the HPC with the teachings of the philosophy and ideology of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. I said one way to emancipation is to develop self defense and headed for the Martyr Revan Brigade.

Here we have received practical training on weapons and political, social and ideological training. My goal in joining the HPC is, as I have said, to stop any future massacres. I joined the ranks of HPC for the peace and prosperity of our people and the emancipation of women. Because our people, especially our women, expect a lot from us.

Everybody should fulfill their responsibility at this point in history, they should organize in neighborhoods, frontlines, and everywhere in life. I call on all women, especially young women, to develop their self defense, and join the ranks of HPC-JIN to this end.

One way of building a free life, especially eliminating local and international threats on the Rojava revolution for the future of our children and our society, is to join the ranks of HPC-JIN.

Zeliha Ebdullah: We endured many hardships after we left for Bakurê Kurdistan following the widespread invasion of Kobanê by the ISIS gangs.

We returned to our lands after the YPG/YPJ fighters cleared the city of ISIS gangs in a historic and epic resistance in Kobanê. We were aware that nothing would ever be the same, and as Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan says, the 4 parts of Kurdistan had to prepare for war conditions.

When the invading ISIS gangs were defeated, we were impressed by the valor and courage exhibited by the YPG fighters, especially the YPJ fighters and decided to develop our self defense and prepare our life according to war as our leadership suggests.

When HPC was formed in Kobanê, we took our place in it and started to fulfill our role. We take on the defense of our neighborhoods as the HPC. We as the HPC will protect our people to the best of our ability.

As HPC-JIN, we call on all women to develop their self defense and join the ranks of HPC-JIN to build a free life.

Xanê Mihemed: We learned a bitter lesson in how important and necessary self defense was following the clearing of Kobanê from ISIS gangs and the June 25 massacre committed by the same gangs.

As a 55 year old woman, I took my place in the ranks of HPC and HPC-JIN which were founded in line with the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s philosophy and ideology. The YPG and YPJ fighters’ resistance against ISIS gangs affected my decision to join the ranks of HPC-JIN.

I saw the YPJ fighters resist the ISIS gangs, heroically, without fear and never taking one step back. This affected me deeply, and I can say that it wasn’t only me, the whole world was affected.

The world saw the legendary resistance the Kurdish women displayed against ISIS, the barbaric gang that had people running from cities and villages on the mention of their name, and that 60 countries united against.

I call on every woman in Rojava, let’s take each other’s hand and protect our people. Let’s join the ranks of YPG/YPJ, or the Asayish forces, or the HPC and HPC-JIN.

Let’s not leave our lands and our people unprotected. Let’s not wait for somebody to save us, somebody else to do something for us. Let’s take the initiative and build the free life and strengthen the Democratic Federal System.