Female guerrillas: Self defence is a must for a life in freedom

Female guerrillas emphasised the necessity of self defence, saying: "It is as much required as bread and water, it is a must for a life in freedom."

Women, whose every move testifies to their inherited ability of forming whole societies, are reviving the notion of self defence for its very protection. Thousands of years this concept was kept alive. But especially in this last century, the patriarchal system assailed the values and foundations of women's societies like never before.

Women guerrillas called attention to the means and resources of the only defence against these sorts of attacks and stressed that self defence was as essential as bread and water.


Women guerrillas conversed with the ANF on self defence. Jiyan Til Temir stated that self defence is a concept which serves the protection of the values and even the very existence of human beings and told that: "For this reason it is an issue that can not be simply transferred to someone else. Especially for us women it is immensely vital as part of life per se because the patriarchal mentality always aspired after stealing and taking possession of all harvests and inventions of the women. Men are trying to create the women in their own image and likeness and thus seize the reins over all cells of the society and all women. That tireless effort led gradually but constantly to the formation of a system based on colonialism. Humanity was sentenced to live henceforth under the yoke of this system for thousands of years. Therefore following reasoning of our Leader Apo is very important: 'There is no such example in nature, where one living entity enforces their hegemony and violent rules on its same kind or on those of other kinds. It is in fact the very first time that the human being has invented the system of sovereignty and exploitation'. By the hands of men has this been enforced on us. And in the beginning the victims were the women first."

Til Temir stated that still now those efforts to create societies, peoples and women who always submit and are deprived of all natural reflexes, are at their apex, and continued: "Therefore we must destroy this mentality in the first place. To achieve this, the awareness of self defence is the way. We need to understand the past thoroughly and mould our present on the basis of a strong defence system. In this current century, the woman has been beleaguered by the system and is being attacked in all possible manners. A struggle against this is feasible, as has been proven previously. This became evident first and foremost in the great struggle of the Kurdish women. The same as we women defend ourselves here on the mountains, that same struggle in that very same way can also be lived on the fields, in cities and inside home itself. The most important thing is that this struggle is carried out in an well-organized and planned manner."


Guerrilla Ronay Botan pointed out that self defence is as vital for women, as are bread and water, saying: "Just as a human is dependent on bread and water to continue their physical lives, the sole way of liberation from the thousands of years old system of enslavement constitutes the woman's freedom.

When you take a look at our current societal truth, you will recognize that our social values are under genocidal attacks. In a country, where we, our culture and our language have been banned on our own soil, there is no security for us whatsoever. Humanity's values are being shred into pieces with every day one more bit. It is impossible to overlook that. In such times, in which all-out attacks are being launched with no regard for anything, for us the society and women, self defence is a must. Because these attacks are part of a wider annihilation policy, we are obliged to establish and strengthen our self defence system within an outright resistance against this the more. We need to respond in particular against the policy of denial and elimination, that is conducted on our Leader and our people, with a total fight based on self defence. Only with self defence and an all-out resistance today's extinction policies can be stopped."

Botan remarked that these must not be regarded as restricted to armed actions only and added: "Sometimes a word, a stance , the right support become those actions that synthesize that very same perception of self defence. The protection of societal values of morality and politics, is self-defence on its own. Getting to know the history of mankind, the culture, the language and one's own personality and leading a life in that framework is nothing else than a very necessary action of self-defence."


Guerrilla Avaşîn Mîlîtan pointed out that women are owners of a powerful self defence mechanism and it is of utmost importance that this mechanism gets used at the right time and the right place. Mîlîtan stated that they can turn this defence into a massive struggle with "self-awareness" , and added: "To reach true self-awareness, a free will, freedom and the perception of self-defence need to be absorbed.

Achieving freedom is as strenuous as the suffering of the deep enslavement in which the woman has been imprisoned, but it is the more essential to never let go of it. And for this paying a high tribute will be unavoidable. This is the reason that Bêrîvan, Ronahî, Viyan, Rahşan and dozens of young women carried out self-immolation and developed into ever gleaming beams of light themselves. Bêrîtan and dozens of honourable women have jumped from the cliffs of the mountains defying surrender and treason and have become symbols of resistance. Zîlan has proven with the fire of a new era of life, which she left behind by sacrificing her own, that no power and no force will never be able and should never dare to even touch the free life."

At the end Mîlîtan said: "We are the followers of Bêrîtan, Sema, Rahşan, Viyan, Nûda, Sara and Zîlan, with the love of freedom they preserved in their chest we will be faithful to their memories in our struggle of self-defence."